ABOUT CeroFrict
SML Solves Market Problems

SML Med-Tech Solutions Limited is located in Hong Kong, China, with a factory located in Zhuhai. We not only provide high-quality products, but also provide overall solutions for medical accessories to solve common problems in the market. We specialize in providing research and development, manufacturing, sales, and marketing services to business partners.

SML has 20+ years of experience in manufacturing. Our goal is to provide the unique problem solving medical accessories and products. That means we could be your long-term partner providing you the most innovative products continuously.

We provide not only the most competitive products but also the OEM service. OEM services with our automation production facilities that could meet your needs.

Automation of assembly and testing
We are fully experienced to setup an automated production line of medical products from assembly to final
package, which controls the assembled part precision, cleanliness and cost effective as well.
Production workshop and equipment

product List

CeroFrict is a brand used by Future Medical Technology Co., Ltd. to manufacture disposable endoscope accessories.
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