LP02 Suction Valve

The Total New 2nd Generation Suction Valve 

To Protect Endoscope Channel from Continuous Scratching

Ultralight Pressing Force (25-30% reduced)

l   2nd Generation Suction Valve

l   Self-Spinning Endoscope Channel Protection Patent Design

l   Ultralight Pressing Force (25-30% lighter than usual)

l   Stable and Steady Rebound, 100% No Leakage and Splashing

l   Lubricant Free

l   No Jam and Sticky Issues

l   Single-Use Without Cross-Contamination

l   Suits For Olympus® 140/ 160/ 180/ 190/ 240/ 260/290 Series GI Endoscopes

l   EO Sterilization

l   Biodegradable Packing Blister